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The Thaw
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Rhett Brewer - 60 minutes of orchestral music
60 minutes of orchestral music

Composer & Vocalist: Rhett Brewer
Performed by: The Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra
Glass Harps: Alexander Marguerre and Sascha Reckert
Conductor and Orchestrator: Stephen Hussey
Album Cover and Website Photography: Peer Lindgreen
Album Cover Ice Sculpture: Jamie and Duncan Hamilton
Engineer and Producer: John A. Rivers



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Rhett Brewer
THE THAW has been a journey for me in every way, with understanding, compassion and redemption at it's core. With my music, I try to give people space to feel, to be, to reflect and to navigate life’s ups, downs and challenges. We can often be disconnected with how we feel. Music as somatic experience. From tender to terror we have this huge range of emotions. THE THAW and my other work I hope can serve as a soft, personal and sonic roadmap. It was inspired by the Arctic, Global Warming and the magic of sculpted ice. I’ve come to see THE THAW as a soundtrack to our stories. I hope this map helps you navigate your inner and outer world. It continues to do so for me. May this help you love deeply, feel everything, be generous and gentle with yourself as you face today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Be well - love and light.
Photo: David Myers 2018


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